A Quick Tip for the Stampin’ Pierce Mat

Posted by on January 31, 2017 in Product Tips and Tricks, Tool Time

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The Stampin’ Pierce Mat (126199) is great for holding parts of your projects in place while you pierce a design with the Paper Piercing Tool (126189) as well as helping protect your work surface.  But did you know you can use it for Stamping?

The Stampin’ Pierce Mat helps you get a good impression with your stamped images because it has a bit of give to it:

  1. Put your project layer on the Mat.
  2. Ink up your stamp and press it on the project. Be sure to press it straight down, then lift up.
  3. Solid stamp images get a particular benefit from this technique.
  4. Try stamping with scrap paper first to get the feel of stamping on the Mat.

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