A Quick Warning About Decorative Masks

Posted by on December 1, 2015 in Product Tips and Tricks, Tool Time on Tuesday

Hearts & Stars Decorative Masks

Decorative Masks give you great patterns for backgrounds and they are easy to use. However, be careful when you use them with the Stampin’ Spritzer (126185)! It’s very easy to spritz too much and the patterns will bleed or smear.

The Spritzer gives you a soft color and shape because you dilute the Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill you’re using. It’s also easy to get your material a little too damp. I tried it on a Takeout Box (135827) and had the box curl on me when it was dry. To fix it, I creased the score lines and gently scraped it over a ruler, curving it in the opposite direction. That worked just fine!

The best way to use Decorative Masks (they’re really stencils!) is to sponge over the pattern with an inked-up Stamping Sponge (101610) or Sponge Dauber (133773). You get the best impression and have total control over how deep your color is. This method takes more time than spritzing, but the result is better.

You can also use Stampin’ Write Markers to color in the shapes. This takes time also and you don’t have control over the depth of color unless you use a Blender Pen (102845). You can use Aqua Painters (103954) but be careful of dampness. Get the brush tip as dry as you can, while still holding a little moisture to blend the color, then use.

As an alternative, trace the shapes on the Mask and fill them in by drawing lines or mini grids. You can use the pen tip of your Marker to great effect! This takes the most time, but you can trace the shapes, then fill them in without the Mask in place.

Another caution: Use gloves when you’re sponging or coloring. It’s much easier to clean your hands afterward. You also can be as messy as you like while you’re putting color on the mask!

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