Another Word About the Die Brush

Posted by on January 26, 2016 in Product Tips and Tricks, Tool Time

Big Shot Die Brush 2 - Visit

I’ve discovered a few things since I first talked about the Big Shot™ Die Brush (140603) in my “Love Intricate Dies…” article:

  1. Don’t be so energetic when you use it.
    1. If the die is very lacy and delicate, you run the risk of tearing it.
    2. Be gentle.
  2. Roll the brush in one direction.
    1. This keeps those delicate die-cuts from tearing.

I was making butterflies with the Butterflies Thinlits™ Dies (137360) to put on a birthday card when I discovered this. I pressed harder and rolled more energetically than previously which moved the die at the same time. This caused a few tears in the lacy wings. I rolled in one direction and less exuberantly on the second butterfly, so it came out just fine. Luckily, it turned out that I only needed the one butterfly. I glued together the tears and used the damaged butterfly as a stencil for the envelope. You can see the result here on my Blackberry Bliss Butterfly Birthday Card.

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