Care of Your Stampin’ Blendabilities Markers

Posted by on October 7, 2014 in Tool Time

Stampin' Blendabilities Line-Visit http://www.3amstamper.comLast month, I talked about How To Achieve Smooth Blending with your Stampin’ Blendabilities Markers. I gave you some tips, but they were mostly about coloring with your markers. Today I’ve got a few tips for taking care of them.

Stampin’ Blendabilities Markers come three to a package in the chosen color: a light version, a medium version and a dark version. The colors are tints, shades or tones, so there will not be a “true” color marker as in the Many Marvelous Markers set (#131264). However, blending all three will give you a perfect coordinate to the hue.

The Stampin’ Blendabilities Markers are rectangular in shape. This means nobody is rolling off anywhere! The squared pens and box make it easy to stack them. I put labels on the top and sides with the color name on them so I can quickly see which color I want from the stack.

The rectangular shape can be tricky to work with when you’re replacing the cap. If you’re not careful, you can break off your tip or let the pen dry out by not closing the cap tightly. Here’s my trick for making sure the cap goes back on correctly, fits tightly and prevents damage to the tip:

  1. Lay your marker flat on your work surface.
  2. Line up the cap so it’s the same shape as the marker.
  3. Slide the two together until the cap snaps into place.

This trick will keep your Stampin’ Blendabilities Markers in great shape for a long time! To learn more about Stampin’ Blendabilities Markers, click this link for my exclusive class offer.

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