Stamparatus Is the Answer

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Stamparatus Is the Answer to your frustration with positioning your stamp images.  The approximately 8” x 8” tool (I’m guessing here) lets you position your card elements any number of ways.  It’s great for two- (or more) step stamping and lets you easily correct any faint or skipped parts of your stamped images!  The images above give you a hint as to how it works, but the video below shows you in better detail.

This is so cool, right?  The Stamparatus does away with the need for removable adhesive or tape, so the image is easy to stamp without any missing parts.  It’s oversize and has open sides so you can use larger paper or card stock.  Turn it around for easier use if you’re left-handed, although the regular arrangement should work okay.

I’m excited to report that Stampin’ Up!® is taking reservations for the new toy, starting today at 2:00pm MT.  That’s right now as you read this!  The reservation period is today through November 30th with the expected ship date of around February 1st.  This means that once your reservation is accepted, you’ll be assured of receiving your Stamparatus as soon as it’s available.

If the reservation list is filled for the first round, you have two more you can use.  The second is December 5 through 30, with a possible ship date of around March 19th, and the third is January 15 through 30, with a possible ship date of around April 15th.  However, this tool is so cool that you’ll want to make your reservation as early as possible so you can get your new toy in the first batch!

I know we have to wait, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it!  Imagine how easy it will be to make a whole batch of the same design of card!  Not to mention perfectly positioning multi-step stamping images.  And correcting the images with missing ink!

Click here to download the How to Make Your Stamparatus Reservation sheet.  You will need an account and I’d appreciate it if you’d name me, Mary Varley, as your Demonstrator, and reserve your Stamparatus so you can enjoy the Answer as soon as it’s out!

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You Missed the First Four Projects

12 Weeks Banner

You’ve missed the first four weeks of my 12 Weeks of Christmas e-mail campaign, but you can still receive the remaining eight Holiday How-To’s!  Just sign up for my Mailing List now by filling out the form below before 12:50pm Pacific Time tomorrow!

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Reminder: These Specials End TODAY at 11:50pm MT

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The deadlines are 11:50pm Mountain Time for online ordering, so figure 10:50pm Pacific Time. Adjust for your local time from there.

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It’s National Candy Corn Day

Candy Corn Pull-Out Card - Visit

National Candy Corn Day!  To celebrate Candy Corn, a traditional Hallowe’en treat which can also carry over into Thanksgiving!  I did a really cute pull-out card in a class several years ago that featured a large Candy Corn on the card front.  I can’t find the photo, if I even took one.  This led me to look in my stash of cards to see if I saved a copy.

The only Candy Corn photo I could find on my blog is in the Scary Candy Corn Treat Box article from a couple of years ago.  Too bad the Cutie Pie Thinlits™ retired, I used them a lot.  You can use the Popcorn Box Thinlits™ Dies (141473) to substitute, but the other decorations are retired.

I had saved a copy of the card (one of the benefits of never throwing anything out!)… so I took the picture of the Candy Corn Pull-Out Card now!  I forgot it had a small Candy Corn, too.  The stamps I used retired a long time ago and we don’t have a cool spider web image, even in the Spooky Night Designer Series Paper (144610).  The Candy Corn images are freehand drawn that I photocopied onto Whisper White, Daffodil Delight and Pumpkin Pie card stock for cutting out.

Candy Corn Pull-Out Card-Open - visit

I’m pretty sure I saved the Candy Corn pattern, but do you think I can find it???  I also think I wrote up instructions for the card, but I put them in a safe place… you know what that means!  If I ever find them, I’ll do another post to show you how to make the card.  It won’t look the same because it will use current stamps.

In the meantime, I found this recipe for Candy Corn Bark that has three ingredients and three steps.  You know how I’m all about Quick & Easy – in this case, so is Betty Crocker!  The recipe is through this link, so you don’t have to search for it yourself.

Betty Crocker’s Candy Corn Bark

Enjoy National Candy Corn Day and try out the recipe.  Then check back here to see the how-to for the Candy Corn Pull-Out Card.

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These Specials End on Tuesday!

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Giveaway of Stampin’ Blends, New Product visit Stampin’ Up!’s Facebook Page as soon as you read over the Stampin’ Blends Giveaway Official Rules and enter to win the complete collection or one of several combo packs.




B3G1 DSP 2017 OfferBuy 3, Get 1 Free Designer Series Paper sale ends October 31st.!  Buy three packages and get one free!  You may choose any three from the list on the flyer below, then pick a package for free… including the Specialty DSP!  No limit!

Buy Three, Get One Free DSP

Take a look at what’s included in the file above, then head on over to my Online Store at to browse and shop.


Merry Patterns SpecialMerry Patterns Free Stamp Set with $300 party or order also ends Tuesday.  Click on the link for details.




The deadlines are 11:50pm Mountain Time for online ordering, so figure 10:50pm Pacific Time.  Adjust for your local time from there.

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Giveaway of Stampin’ Blends, New Product

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November 1st, Stampin’ Up!® is launching Stampin’ Blends, a new product, which is a collection of artist-quality alcohol markers in 12 exclusive Stampin’ Up! colors.  (Yay, these are replacing the Blendabilities that were discontinued over a year ago.)

To celebrate the launch, Stampin’ Up! is conducting a Giveaway of the new Stampin’ Blends Markers to visitors to the Stampin’ Blends post on their Facebook Page.  See the Official Rules below for all the details:

Stampin’ Blends Giveaway Official Rules

To check out the Stampin’ Blends products, visit my All the Current Catalogs page or view the Stampin’ Blends brochure.

The contest runs from now through October 31st.  Be sure to read the rules in the link above and take advantage of your chance to win!

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Action Plan if You Lost Your Home!

Raging Fire

A friend of mine reposted this from one of her friends on Facebook.  We’ve had so much destruction and so many friends whose houses have been totally destroyed by fire.  Many people had basically no warning – or just a few minutes – to evacuate from the Northern California Wild Fires.

This list is also useful for the Hurricane and Earthquake survivors.  Many places give lists of what you need for Disaster Preparedness, but I’ve never seen one that you can pull out and look at when you’re in shock from the aftermath.

REPOST from Facebook: Great action plan for those who lost.

Thanks Emi Heartsinger. For everyone who lost their home. This is so helpful!

Please share!!

A friend who lost their home in a fire has provided this action plan for those who have recently lost their homes…

Start with the small list:

1.  Get a PO Box

2.  Longer term rental search – include insurance on it so they pay directly for rental. Find a nice place that you like, don’t settle. You should be able to get a “Like Property” so insurance should cover a nice place for you to live while you work through all this. You might be living here for 2 years, so choose wisely.

3.  Find a place to buy some sturdy boots and gloves. Get some shovels.

4.  Start working on the personal property list (this is not fun at all, be prepared to cry we sure did). Write down the moment you remember – keep list on phone or pad of paper with you at all times.

5.  Save receipts. Loss of use insurance will cover incidentals too – hairbrush, phone chargers, etc.

6.  As you buy things, tell the store owner your situation. Most stores will give you some level of discount as their way of helping you.

7.  Let people do things for you. Do you have a friend that you can send to the store to buy you some basic clothes or comfort foods? Let them do it – they want to help and you don’t need to spend time doing these errands. (The ‘fun’ of shopping is gone…it quickly becomes a chore because you don’t want a new shirt, you want the one that you always liked to wear but now it’s gone and you are sad/mad.)

The Big List:

  1. Register at the shelters, with Red Cross and any other agency there, California FEMA, etc.
  • Most of the aid coming in will use these lists as a point of contact and will help to ensure that you don’t get left out of anything.
  • This will be especially important should FEMA be activated, which in my opinion is very likely with the amount of devastation experienced.
  1. Call Homeowners/Rental insurance to trigger “Loss of Use”. This typically will allow you to be in a “Like” property for x number of years and sometimes has a dollar limit attached and sometimes not, this is dependent on your policy.
  • This coverage should also give you some immediate access to funds for essentials, clothes, toothbrushes, food, etc.
  • This will also get the ball rolling for the insurance claim on your home and rebuilding/personal property Dollars.
  1. Get a PO Box and forward all mail to the Box. Use this PO Box as the mailing address on all forms you begin to fill out.
  2. Start Searching for a Long term rental. Coordinate with your insurance company so that payments can be made directly from them using your “Loss of Use” money.
  • Plan on renting 1-2 years, but do not necessarily sign a lease for a full two years as circumstances can change.
  1. Itemized List of belongings – (This is very hard but very necessary for your claim). I would organize by room and list everything that was there with a replacement cost. (you will cry a lot doing this and that is ok)
  • Replacement Cost should be what it would cost to replace not on sale from pottery barn, it should not be the price you paid for it with that 50% off coupon.
  • Make sure you list everything, even if it is above and beyond your policy limit. This is very important because everything above and beyond the policy limit is considered a Loss and can be claimed as such on your taxes – See #9
  1. Call all of your utilities and either freeze or cancel service: Electric, Gas, TV, Land Line phone
  • Newspaper delivery, either cancel or update to PO Box.

7.  Call the rest of your insurance points as needed. Car insurance; Any specialty insurance for unique items

  1. Permits – An unfortunate necessity.
  • Debris Removal – as things wind down it will be necessary to remove the debris, this requires a permit usually. (This should be covered by your insurance, we had to force the issue but ask repeatedly.)
  • Erosion Control – If you are on any kind of hill or have sloped property you will need to put some sort of erosion control measures in place, again this will need some sort of permit.
  • Temporary Power Pole/Trailer on site Permit – Getting this earlier on can prove helpful in both the rebuilding process.


9.  Taxes. You will be able to claim the monetary loss of the value of all your items minus what you receive from your insurance company.  I’m unfamiliar with the exact laws, but I believe that we were able to carry our losses back 2-5 years and received most of the money that we had paid in taxes back in a nice large check.


  1. Network with others. You will learn so much from others as you go through the rebuilding process. We all have our strengths so share yours and use others.  The amount of time that you will spend on the rebuild, insurance, recovery process is staggering so you need to use all your resources.


Please share!!

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What I Returned To

I hope you’ve been following me on Facebook.  You’ll have seen ideas for Hallowe’en decorations from Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.

The 3am Stamper on Facebook

fire flames

Since I stepped off the plane on Sunday, I’ve smelled smoke.  I wasn’t able to get to my computer Sunday night, then the power went out Monday morning… early.  I haven’t been able to get back online until today, since my phone can’t handle posting here.  (So why do they call it a smartphone??)

The reason is the Northern California Wild Fires.  There are about 16 of them by now and they’re hooking up.  High winds are feeding them and the emergency responders are more concerned about evacuating the people than putting the fire out at this point.  The fires are a bit contained with the wind dying down, but that could change in an instant… and we expect high winds to return by Friday.

The photo is not from the Northern California Wild Fires.  However, it reminds me of what I’ve seen on the news.

I’ll post when I can, but in the meantime, follow me on Facebook through this link: The 3am Stamper on Facebook.

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October is B3G1 DSP Month

B3G1 DSP 2017 Offer

October is the month for B3G1 Designer Series Paper!  Buy three packages and get one free!  You may choose any three from the list on the flyer below, then pick a package for free… including the Specialty DSP!  No limit!  The Sale runs through October 31st.

By the way, the Stamp Sets listed in the World Card Making Day special coordinate with the DSP.

Take a look at what’s included in the file below, then head on over to my Online Store at to browse and shop.

Buy Three, Get One Free DSP

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12 Weeks of Christmas Begins in 4 Hours

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In 4 hours, the deadline ends to sign up for my Mailing List and get in on the Exclusive Holiday How-To Projects I send during my 12 Weeks of Christmas Program.  Don’t miss out-you’ve only got until 12:50pm Pacific Time to fill in the form below.

You will get two free tutorials just for signing up – the link is in your confirmation/thank-you email.

Already on my Mailing List?  Outstanding!  You’ve just got a few more hours until your first Exclusive Holiday How-To Project of 2016 appears in your Inbox!  Share this with a friend right now so they can sign up, too!

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24 Hours until 12 Weeks of Christmas

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My Mailing List Subscribers receive an exclusive series of free How-To Holiday Projects just in time for the Holiday Season… every year,!  The series is my gift to them to show my appreciation.  They receive ideas for Holiday Cards, Gifts and Wrapping Essentials with complete instructions.

This special mailing starts in 24 Hours.  To get in on it,-just fill in the form below!

You’ll receive a confirmation & thank you e-mail in your inbox.

Already on my Mailing List?  Great!  I hope you’re looking forward to receiving your 2016 set of Holiday Projects.  Share this link with a friend so they can sign up, too!

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One Week to 12 Weeks of Christmas!

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Every year, I send my subscribers a free gift to kick off the Holidays:  the 12 Weeks of Christmas set of tutorials.  In one week from today, they’ll be getting the first tutorial of the set.  If you’d like to get in on this year’s 12 Weeks of Christmas campaign, all you have to do is join my Mailing List!  To sign up, just fill in the form at right!  You’ll receive a thank you e-mail in your inbox, plus two free all-occasion tutorials just for signing up.

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Merry Patterns Stamp Set for Free

Merry Patterns Special

The Merry Patterns Stamp Set is an exclusive FREE set only available during September and October and only to hosts or customers with a qualifying order.  Today is the first day you can qualify to receive it, so I don’t even have mine yet.  I think I like it best of all the Christmas sets I’ve seen.  It’s photopolymer and two-step stamping.  It also has great patterns!

You may only receive the free set with a qualifying party (PlayShop) or order through October 31st.  After that, the set is gone for good.  Watch the video to see how to use the set.  The video also tells you all the ways you can earn your set:

Merry Patterns Exclusive Offer

See what the complete set looks like here:

Merry Patterns Host Promotion

The best part is you can earn the free set in addition to the other Stampin’ Rewards by gathering yourself and a group of your friends.   Let’s plan a PlayShop together (PlayShop stands for first we Play with my stuff, then we Shop!).  You can earn free catalog merchandise (including exclusive hostess stamp sets and accessories) as well.    Give me a call at (707) 695-3571 or e-mail Mary Varley at and let’s chat.  I look forward to tailoring the project to you!  If you’re out of town, don’t worry, I also do Facebook PlayShops.

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Hot for the Holidays 2017

Hot for the Holidays 2017 Promo - Visit

Hot for the Holidays 2017 is here!  You’ll be the first to try out the hottest products from the 2017 Holiday Catalog along with the latest trends and techniques that are featured in my Hot for the Holidays Card Class. You’ll make three Deluxe Holiday Cards perfect for special friends and family. Envelopes are included, of course!  The examples in the photo are from a previous year’s class, yours will be different.  And you’ll love how much fun you’ll have creating the new designs!

Join me for an evening of fun and luxurious papercrafting!  Space is limited, so register early.  Note:  Class fees must be paid in advance and are not refundable after the deadline.

By the way, this class will be offered online for you out-of-towners!

Date: 8/30/17

Time: 7:00-9:00pm

Early Bird Registration: $59

Early Bird Deadline: 8/11/17


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Carols of Christmas Bundle – Head Start

Carols of Christmas Banner

Get the Carols of Christmas Bundle, the early-release from the upcoming 2017 Holiday Catalog, and get a Head Start on the Holidays.  The Bundle includes the Carols of Christmas Stamp Set and the Card Front Builder Thinlits™ DiesIt also comes in English and French languages.

With the Bundle, you’ll be able to get a Head Start on your handmade Christmas cards quickly and easily!  That’s what I like best about it!  The stamp images coordinate with the die images and you get some images, like the single and double evergreen trees, which mean no stamping required!

The photo shows some samples of what you can make with the Stamp Set and DiesTake advantage of the early release Bundle offer, which saves you ten percent!  You may order the Carols of Christmas Bundle now through August 31st.  You may also order the Stamp Set and Thinlits separately.  The stamp set comes in both Wood-Mount and Clear-Mount versions, as well as in English and French.

Did you know you can also qualify for Stampin’ Rewards from Stampin’ Up!® if your order product total exceeds $150.  Remember to use your Bonus Coupons you earned last month, too.  Just click on the Order Online Button in the right sidebar to order your own Carols of Christmas Bundle.

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Favorite Movies for the Fourth of July

My Favorite Movies for the Fourth of July are “1776” and “The Music Man.”  We try to watch them every year as part of our Fourth of July celebrations.  It’s a family tradition.

1776 DVD Cover

If we’re going to a BBQ or party, we watch one in the morning and one either in the evening or the day before or the day after.  We seldom have time to watch both the same day if we’re going out.

The Music Man DVD Cover

I love musicals and these are two of the best.  I know all the words to the songs and sing along when I’m watching the movies.

Do you have any favorite movies you like to watch for a family tradition?  Post in Comments and let us all know.

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