Eek! Stains On My Wood Block!

Posted by on April 18, 2017 in Tool Time

Teeny Tiny Wishes with inked wood blocks - visit

I hate to tell you, but stains on your wood block are going to happen.  This is a sign that your stamp is well-loved and well-used!  The more stains you have on the wood, and the more colors of the stains, the better!  I did a small article on this, Stains on Your Stamp’s Wood Block, several years ago, so I thought it’s time to mention it again.

The photo shows my Go-To stamp set, Teeny Tiny Wishes.  I first got it before the Clear-Mount stamps were available, so you can see my most-used words!  I prefer Wood-Mount for words because it’s easy to line them up and you don’t have to fuss about getting the word straight.  I also like Wood-Mount for large background stamps, but that’s another story.

The wood blocks are unfinished, so they love to soak up whatever liquid is around.  Unless you ink your stamp with robotic precision, you’re going to have stains, and you won’t have time to remove them before the ink soaks in.  There is no difference to the image you get from using a stained wood block.

I thought of using a Pledge® wipe or similar to help keep the wood conditioned.  However, you don’t want to use the wipe until after you’ve mounted the stamp, since you want all the gripping power you can get.

So in conclusion, stains on your wood block are no big deal.  They mean you love the stamp and use it often!

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