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As excited as I am about Stampin’ Blends, it occurs to me that I haven’t talked about them much, other than to inform you of my upcoming class, Watercoloring with Stampin’ Blends.  I also informed you of the Giveaway to launch this new product and talked a little about them then.

Stampin’ Blends are the new Alcohol Markers Stampin’ Up!® just released November 1st.  A lot of us (Demonstrators and customers) have been yelling for the replacement to Stampin’ Blendabilities since they were discontinued in March of 2015.  Stampin’ Blendabilities were the first Alcohol Markers to carry the Stampin’ Up! brand, as well as come in Stampin’ Up! exclusive colors.  Unfortunately, the Markers had less than perfect caps and tips that allowed them to dry out before they should.  I never had a problem with mine, but a 30% fail rate was too high to be acceptable, so Stampin’ Blendabilities were discontinued. Interestingly, the same thing happened with Copic Markers and those from Spectrum Noir.

If you purchased Stampin’ Blendabilities when they were released three years ago, I hope you are using them.  If not, pull them out and test the Markers to see if they’ve dried out.  I had three of the light colors dry up, but the rest are fine.  I, of course, purchased all of them and I have no intention of throwing them away while they’re still good.

For your info, these are the articles I wrote about Stampin’ Blendabilities.  Some of the information can apply to the new Stampin’ Blends, but most of this will relate to your existing Markers.

Blendabilities are Here

Care of your Stampin’ Blendabilities Markers

How About Some Comparison Facts for Stampin’ Blends?  These are based on complaints I heard and experienced.

  1. The marker cap is easier to close tight. Just push it on until it clicks.  The Blendabilities cap was hard to position and snap closed properly.
  2. The marker cap is easier to tell which direction it goes. The curved edge fits right into place on the marker body.  The Blendabilities cap looked almost the same on all sides, so you could easily damage your tip trying to close the cap.
  3. With Stampin’ Blends, you don’t need to blend light to dark. This is the same for Blendabilities.
  4. Stampin’ Blends come in light and dark versions of twelve of the core colors, plus Ivory and Bronze Skin Tones. Blendabilities had six Skin Tone colors plus light, medium and dark versions of sixteen colors.  Even though they’re called “Skin Tones”, you can use them for coloring anything!
  5. The Stampin’ Blends Color Lifter works better to move the ‘outside the lines’ ink back to where it goes. The Blendabilities Color Lifter didn’t work as well.  The Stampin’ Blends inks have been reformulated, so that lets the Color Lifter do its job better.
  6. The Stampin’ Blends ink doesn’t bleed the Memento Ink Pad images. Blendabilities required the StazOn ink, which you had to let dry thoroughly before you started coloring.  The Archival Ink Pads required a lot of drying time and they still bled.

These comparisons answer my main complaints and show you why I’m excited about Stampin’ Blends.  They color and blend so easily, you’ll wonder how you did without them!

If you need an answer to any question about Stampin’ Blends or any other product or tool, feel free to comment below or e-mail me at mary@3amstamper.com.  I’ll send you the answer and do a post about it.  If you need your answer right away, you may always contact my Help Desk at 3amstamperhelp@gmail.com.  Just make your subject line the product or tool, such as Stampin’ Blends.

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