Exclusive 12 Weeks of Christmas Starts Tomorrow

Posted by on October 4, 2016 in Of Interest

12 Weeks of Christmas Banner

My Mailing List Subscribers receive an exclusive series of free How-To Holiday Projects just in time for the Holiday Season… every year,!  The series is my gift to them to show my appreciation.  They receive ideas for Holiday Cards, Gifts and Wrapping Essentials with complete instructions.

This special mailing starts in 24 Hours.  To get in on it,-just fill in the form at right!  You’ll receive a confirmation & thank you e-mail in your inbox.  Be sure to click the link in the e-mail to receive your bonus sign-up gifts.

Already on my Mailing List?  Great!  I hope you’re looking forward to receiving your 2016 set of Holiday Projects.  Share this link with a friend so they can sign up, too!

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