Flirty Flamingo’s Party Complementary Scheme

Posted by on July 22, 2016 in Cardmaking, Real Life Color Coach

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My goodness!  I was so involved with Pokémon Go when I introduced Flirty Flamingo, that I didn’t mention anything about the Color Group!  I’ll make up for it in this Flirty Flamingo Complementary Color Scheme article.

Flirty Flamingo is a Tint in the Red-Orange Color Group.  Its Complement is a color in the GreenBlue Color Group.  There are four Green-Blue members, but I chose the Hue, Bermuda Bay, for its brightness.  The intensity of Bermuda Bay coordinates well with the brightness of Flirty Flamingo and gives a party feel to the combination.

Notice that I used the Split-Tertiary Color Groups for this combination.  You can certainly use any Blue-Green from the consolidated Tertiary Color Group, but you will get a different feel.  Tempting Turquoise would be the closest to this combination, but then it’s also a Hue.  Additionally, the members of the Orange-Red Split Tertiary Color Group would also work for the Monochromatic Color Scheme I used in the Pokémon Go Card, but the combination wouldn’t be as dramatic as I wanted.

This combination of Flirty Flamingo and Bermuda Bay is good for any party or celebration: Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement, Bon Voyage (pages, too), along with Thank You, Baby, Friendship and Wedding.

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