How To Turn Candy Dots Into Enamel Dots

Posted by on March 1, 2016 in Product Tips and Tricks, Tool Time

Brights Candy DotsI love the shiny look of the Enamel Dots, but they don’t come in all the Stampin’ Up!® colors. The Candy Dots do, but they are in a matte finish. So, how to turn the Candy Dots into Enamel Dots?

  1. Coat the Candy Dot with the Fine-Tip Glue Pen (138309). This will give a nice shiny glaze to the Candy Dot. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly – a couple of hours at least!
  2. Coat the Candy Dot with Crystal Effects (101055). You can get a more raised effect, in addition to the shine. Again, let it dry thoroughly – several hours or overnight.

In either case, coat the dot while it is attached to the backing sheet. You can trim away any puddling after it’s dry. You may have to attach the dot with Glue Dots (103683), but it’s not really any trouble! You’ll have nice, shiny, enamel-looking Candy Dots to attach to your projects!

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