How to Unclog the Fine-Tip Glue Pen

Posted by on December 20, 2016 in Product Tips and Tricks, Tool Time on Tuesday

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In a previous article, I cautioned you about the Fine-Tip Glue Pen and how to prevent it from clogging.  Well, what happens if you forget and the Fine-Tip Glue Pen gets clogged?  A reader recently asked me that question.

The reader’s Fine-Tip Glue Pen became clogged with a hard, dry blob of glue in the nozzle.  She’d tried running hot water over the tip, but nothing happened.  I suggested soaking the nozzle in regular Acetone, not nail polish remover with acetone, which is an adhesive remover (Spirit Gum and fake hair, anyone?).  I haven’t had the problem, so I haven’t had occasion to try this method.

The reader got the idea to melt the glue to remove the clog and used a hair dryer on the nozzle section.  She was able to spear the clog with a sewing needle and get rid of it.  I suggested that she soak the nozzle in nail polish remover with acetone to get any excess glue out… just in case.  Anyway, she wanted me to share this solution with you so you know how to solve the problem!  Thanks, reader!!

The Stampin’ Up!® Heat Tool will also work well for this technique, especially as it has two settings for heat.  You might have your Heat Tool closer to your Fine-Tip Glue Pen than your hair dryer.

So remember to align the pin in the white cap with the nozzle of the Fine-Tip Glue Pen and make sure it’s inserted.  This should keep you from having to unclog your Fine-Tip Glue Pen.

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  1. can you buy replacement tips for the glue pens?

    • I haven’t seen any and they’re not in our catalog, but you might check your local craft store or online. My guess is there wouldn’t be replacement tips available because the cost of the Glue Pen is so low.

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