It’s National Crafter’s Month!

Posted by on March 8, 2017 in Projects-Other, Real Life Color Coach

50th Anniversary Dessert Art

The month of March is National Crafter’s Month and I’m celebrating by sharing a crafter’s work that is not paper!

Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Chocolatiers are artists, too, and I enjoyed a sample of their crafting for my 50th Wedding Anniversary dinner.  These artisans are from the Be Our Guest restaurant in the Beast’s Castle of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Of course, you’re familiar with the animated “Beauty and the Beast” film and surely remember Lumiere singing about the castle cuisine to Belle, their hungry guest.  He told her to “try the gray stuff, it’s delicious… don’t believe me, ask the dishes!”

The photo shows a blossom of Gray Stuff in one corner of the plate and the edge of another blossom of Gray Stuff peeking out from under the Rose dish lid.  It was indeed delicious… and my husband and I ate it all!

The rose dish was made from molded crafter’s chocolate.  The rose flower lid was painted with a colored chocolate wash that looked very close to Rose Red.  The leaves of the bowl part were almost Garden Green.  A Complementary Color Scheme, of course.

This month, celebrate your crafting and that of your friends, no matter what type they do!  You card-makers could make a card or two to send to your fellow crafters.

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