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Lacy Hello Card (revised) - Visit

I can’t stop the Lacy-ness now!

This Lacy Hello Card features Delightful Daffodil, from the Yellow Color Group, and Night of Navy, from the Blue Color Group, with Watermelon Wonder, from the Red-Orange Color Group, as the accent.  I’m ignoring the rest of the colors in the Designer Series Paper background… you can’t see much of them anyway.

Yellow, Blue and Red are the Primary Colors and compose a classic Triad.  The Triadic Color Scheme of Daffodil Delight, Night of Navy and Watermelon Wonder is a little offset by the Red-Orange color, so the triangle is a bit lopsided.  However, it’s a nice, high-contrast, bright scheme that doesn’t overwhelm.

I always find Yellow so cheerful, don’t you?  Putting it on your projects seems to automatically add a smile!

Daffodil Delight is the Hue of the Yellow Group and is made eye-catching without being engulfed by Night of Navy, the Shade of the Blue Group.  In fact, the reduced intensity of Night of Navy helps the Yellow not be overpowering to the eye.

Watermelon Wonder is the Hue of the Red-Orange Group, but it’s used as an accent so it doesn’t conflict.  That’s a potential problem when you use a Triad Scheme with three colors of the same intensity.  You can avoid it by using one as the main color (“Boss”), another as the contrast color (“Support” or “Secretary”) and the third as the accent color (“Go-fer” or “Intern”).  The Boss color takes up the highest percentage of color used, with the Support color at half of that and the Go-fer color at a quarter.

The combination is good for Friendship, Party, Birthday, Celebration, Thinking of You, Thank You and other fun themes.  It’s a fun combination for Scrapbook Pages, too.

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