Let’s Look At Brusho® Crystal Colours

Posted by on February 6, 2018 in Techniques, Tool Time

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Let’s look at Brusho® Crystal Colours now that the Making a Mess with Watercolor Class is over.    I talked about them a little in my Make a Mess, Then Make a Splash post, but not really anything but mentions since.  The Brusho® Crystal Colours are fun, intensely colored crystals that help you create a mess while you’re designing a gorgeous background or coloring in an image.

The Crystals come in a box of 5 color containers.  The Colours are named Brilliant Red, Gamboge, Moss Green, Prussian Blue and Yellow.  You sprinkle these on wet paper, then brush over the Crystals to spread the color.  I used a push pin poke holes in the edge of the lid, then cover them to seal the colors inside.  I made a triangle of three holes that all fit under the base of the push pin.  A thumb tack would also work, but I prefer to protect my manicure with a push pin.

Watercolor Paper gives the best results for using the Brusho® Crystal Colours.  The paper absorbs the water, but keeps the space wet enough for the Crystals to stick.  Using very damp brushes such as Aqua Painters spreads the Crystal Colour well and erases the Crystal specks (for the most part).  Some Crystals may get stuck in the nooks and crannies of the Watercolor Paper and refuse to be washed out.  This will give you a speckled effect that you may like for certain projects.

I will be doing a Real Life Color Coach analysis of each color, with a swatch to illustrate it.  Check back in the next few days for the start of the series on the Brusho® Crystal Colours.

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