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Paper Snips with Their Package

The Paper Snips Scissors (103579) were introduced several years ago and I can’t believe I haven’t talked about them yet.  I did a brief mention in my article, “Die-Cutting & Fussy Cutting Work Together,” but I never gave them a Tool Time article all by themselves!

So here goes:

Paper Snips are short-bladed scissors with thin, sharp blades.  This makes them ideal to cut out tiny images and get into corners.  Before the Fringe Scissors (133325) came along, they also were terrific at fringing edges.  The blades and tips of the scissors are so sharp, you need to be sure to keep your fingers out of the way!

You could also use the Paper Snips to trim the ends of ribbon, but you really need to keep your ribbon scissors separate from your paper scissors – just like you do with sewing!  Cutting ribbon wears down the blade edge of your Paper Snips much faster than cutting paper.  So even if you get a clean, sharp cut on paper, your Snips may shred the end of the ribbon.  Sometimes if you pull the ribbon tight, the Snips will cut cleanly.

I recommend using your cloth shears instead, or getting a separate set of shears.  Be sure to mark it “Ribbon Only” or similar.  You could make a tag and tie it to one of the handles.

But for paper, the Paper Snips are champs!  They work very well on curved shapes and rounded images, like the retired Craft & Rubber Scissors, plus they snip corners extremely well.  I also use the nice thin blades to lift Jewels or Enamel Shapes off their backing and place them where they belong.

One thing you must do is to keep the Paper Snips clean.  Adhesive is very fond of coating the blades and when the blades are dirty, they don’t cut.  I’ve noted that you can use Stampin’ Mist Stamp Cleaner (102394) to clean the blades by spritzing both sides of the blades and letting them sit a minute, then wiping the adhesive off.  I’ve found that, especially with the new adhesives, it’s easier to use a commercial household adhesive remover, such as Goo Gone.  You can squirt some on a cotton ball and scrub the adhesive off – no waiting.  It is much faster.  You can wipe off the residue with a clean paper towel, too.

The Paper Snips blades can’t be sharpened.  Once they are dull, you need to replace the scissors.  Luckily, they’re fairly inexpensive and will last a long time if you keep them clean!

If you need an answer to any question about the Paper Snips or any other product or tool, feel free to comment below or e-mail me at mary@3amstamper.com.  I’ll send you the answer and do a post about it.  If you need your answer right away, you may always contact my Help Desk at 3amstamperhelp@gmail.com.  Just make your subject line the product or tool, such as Paper Snips.

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