Lining Up Diagonal Cuts with the Stampin’ Trimmer

Posted by on January 24, 2017 in Product Tips and Tricks, Techniques, Tool Time on Tuesday

Big Birthday Card - Visit

This card inspired me to write about how to line up diagonal cuts with the Stampin’ Trimmer Paper Cutter & Scorer (126889).  We made it at my Holiday party in December.  Everyone who RSVP’d, whether they were attending or not, received a free tutorial of the card.

There are a couple of methods to use to make diagonal cuts with the Stampin’ Trimmer:

  • Mark the start point and end point with a pencil, then line up the dots with the center of the cutting groove and cut. You may want to use Washi Tape to hold the paper or card stock in place – it’ll remove easily when you’re done.
  • Stamp your image in the center of the card stock or paper. Line up the edges of the image with one of the straight lines on the paper holder of the Trimmer. 

In the sample, I lined up the farthest edge of the image with the line that was about 1/4” away.  I did the same for both sides.  Then I used scissors to cut off the excess after I aligned it with the background.

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