Metallic Thread – Fun If You Can Find It!

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Let me tell you how much fun Metallic Thread is… if you can find it!

The first time I used the latest version of the Metallic Thread by Stampin’ Up!®, I was making a “nest” for a greeting layer on a card.  I didn’t realize just how thin the Metallic Thread was – it looks much bigger on the spool!!

The photo tries to show how thin the Thread is.  When I made my “nest,” I pulled off what I thought was a lot of thread (yards and yards), but I still came up short when I looped it around.  I was using the Real Red and the Emerald Envy and one of the strands ran away.  Ever try to find a microscopically-thin thread that’s red in color on a cinnamon-brown carpet?  Good luck… I’d still be looking, except my cleaning lady already vacuumed!

You can see how shiny the Metallic Thread is.  Each strand is as shiny as it is on the spool, but it’s very thin.  Like finely-shredded Tinsel.  This means you need to use a lot to get the Thread to show.  Unless you want “invisible” thread.  Be careful of running a fan across your work surface, the strand could get lost and you could take all day trying to find it again!

Gold Ornament Card Sampler - Visit http://www.3amstamper.comI wonder if all six colors will fit through the eye of one sewing needle?  They look like they could.  I would say you’d need at least three strands to “sew”.  I wrapped the Emerald Envy Metallic Thread three or four times around my card layer to act as a hanger line for my ornaments.  I tied double-strands of thread through the ornament loops and attached them to the hanger line.  I’ll test how many strands will fit through the eye of a regular sewing needle and let you know!  I promise to keep a good grip on them so I can find them!

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