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Posted by on November 3, 2016 in Real Life Color Coach

I get a lot of questions about Color Combinations, so I thought I’d start a new weekly feature: the Color Combination of the Week.  I usually talk about why the combinations work within the project article, but I thought I’d highlight the combinations by themselves instead.

Since it’s Fall and Hallowe’en is over, today’s combination is:

Cajun Craze is the Shade of the Red-Orange/Orange-Red Color GroupCrushed Curry is the Hue of the Yellow-Orange/Orange-Yellow Color GroupOld Olive is a Tint of the Yellow-Green/Green-Yellow Color GroupRich Razzleberry is the Shade of the Red-Violet/Violet-Red Color Group

This combination is one of my Analogous Color Schemes.  I condensed the Split Tertiary Colors for my own convenience – you can do that, you know – and skipped over the Primary and Secondary Colors in between.  The combination ends up with each color adjacent to each other, so it becomes AnalogousMostly I just think it’s pretty for Fall.

I will be posting a project using these colors in a few days, so be sure to check back.

Real Life Color Coach LogoDid you know I have the Real Life Color Coach Hotline at you may contact at any time?  And I will answer you directly via e-mail as well as posting the answers here.  The Hotline is perfect if you have questions about Cajun Craze, Crushed Curry, Old Olive, Rich Razzleberry, Analogous Color Schemes, creating color combinations for other cards or pages, the content of any of the Real Life Color Coach articles, or other crafting color-related issues.

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