Quick Tip: Coordinating Envelopes

Posted by on September 27, 2016 in Cardmaking, Product Tips and Tricks, Tool Time


I just finished a card, but forgot to make the envelope to go with it, so… now I have to go back.  I discussed this very issue in my article, “Match Your Cards with Envelopes”.

Here’s a quick tip I should have added:

When you plan your card design, besides getting out the envelopes along with the rest of the materials, plan your envelope design as well.  In fact, you could even make the envelope before you start on your card!  Silly me, I do that in my classes, but on my own…

I also did an article on Easy Coordinated Envelopes to give you another way to match.  I’m going to use some tips from this article today to create my coordinated envelope because I’ve already put my stamps and ink away.

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