Some Tips About the Gift Bag Punch Board

Posted by on December 8, 2015 in Product Tips and Tricks, Tool Time on Tuesday

Gift Bag Punch Board & Bag

I’ve discovered some new tips about the Gift Bag Punch Board (135862) since I last discussed it in my article Cross-Over Bag with New Punch Board. As you may remember, the Gift Bag Punch Board lets you make grocery-style bags using paper or card stock up to 12” wide. The length can be anything, but I find it easiest to keep the paper to 7-1/4” long. This gives you a 6” tall bag because the base uses 1-1/4” flaps to make the bag 2” deep.

To make a longer bag, score as far as the Punch Board will let you, then crease the folds for the rest of the length. I just finger-press the creases instead of using a Bone Folder (102300) because this keeps the Designer Series Paper from splitting. You probably won’t have this problem with most Card Stock.

Make it easy on yourself by scoring the whole length of the paper or card stock edge for the flaps before you start punching. Start the paper lined up to the edge and score along the horizontal line. Move the paper and continue scoring until you reach the end. Then you don’t have to worry about the flap folds! Move the paper back to the starting line and punch and score the diagonal and vertical lines as usual.

I’ve included the .pdf with the instructions written out, along with a photo of the instructions part of the Punch Board. This should help you create your bags because the paper covers up the instructions and the illustration.

Gift Bag Punch Board Directions

Make a hole-punching template to use so you have a variety of handles for your bags. Take a strip of Card Stock 12” x 4” and punch and score as if you were making the largest bag. Insert the scored side of the paper into the reverse punch and punch your holes. The reverse punch gives you four holes per bag side so you can thread ribbon or cord through and tie the top closed. With the template, you can just punch the holes you want with the 1/4” Circle Handheld Punch (134364). You can also punch a handle with the Extra Large Oval Punch (119859). You can make additional templates for the narrower bags, but it’s not really necessary.

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