Stain Happens – A Sponge Dauber Tip

Posted by on July 5, 2016 in Product Tips and Tricks, Tool Time

Sponge Daubers-Item 133773Stain happens – even with dye-based ink!  You may have noticed it on your Sponge Daubers (133773).  Excluding dyes with a lot of red in them (reds, purples, browns, blacks), about the only way to remove the dye stain is to wash the Sponge Dauber right away.  You don’t need soap, just run it through clear water and blot it partially dry.  I’ve talked about cleaning Sponge Daubers in my article, How to Clean Sponge Daubers.

However, who can jump up and wash a Sponge Dauber immediately?  Most often, by the time you’re done with your project and ready to clean off, the ink has dried.  In this case, only a little of the dye comes off.  The stain remains.

But guess what!  The stain doesn’t transfer!  This is also a great way to organize your Daubers: sort them by stain color.  Use each dauber with colors of the same or similar group.  There are five Sponge Daubers in one package, so you can have Reds, Blues, Yellows, Purples & Browns.  Reds include Oranges and some Pinks.  Blues can include Greens.  Yellows should be pristine, just to be safe.  Purples can include Pinks.  Browns can include Blacks and Grays.  Of course, if you want to separate the groups, you can always get another package.  You don’t have to get a Sponge Dauber for each color.

Lately, I’ve found that if I just twist the Dauber on scrap paper, it gets clean.  I tend to daub it until I can’t see the ink anymore.  You can do that, then move on to the next color in the group or just put it back in the box!

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