Stamping on Velvet

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Flourishing Phrases Stamp Set

I was going through my files and came across this article about Velvet Stamping I thought this would be a great technique to share with you for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions (like weddings and anniversaries).  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my examples or my velvet, so I’ll just tell you how to do it.  The picture shows the Flourishing Phrases Stamp Set (141531-w, 141534-c), one of the sets that would work very well for Stamping on Velvet.

Here are the main things you need to know about Stamping on Velvet:

1- Rayon velvet fabric.  Do not use nylon velvet as it will melt.  Cotton velvet won’t hold the image well.

2- An iron without steamholes on the soleplate, heated to Cotton/Linen temperature.

3- An image or word/phrase stamp that’s molded (or burned) deep into the rubber and can be completely covered by the soleplate of the iron.

4.- Use a solid silhouette or thick line art image for the best effect.  Detailed designs can get lost in the nap of the fabric.

You want to use the red rubber stamps, preferably on wood blocks.  Stampin’ Up!® red rubber stamps are all deeply burned, so the images work perfectly for Stamping on Velvet.  If you use a Clear-Mount Stamp, mount it on a piece of wood or place it on a silicone cooking mat.  The Clear-Mount Block may get damaged by the heat.

Once you’ve decided what you want to stamp, place your stamp rubber-side up on a flat, heat-resistant surface.  Place your Velvet piece face down on top of it and lightly spray with water.  Cover the whole image with your iron and press down.  Hold in place for about 30 seconds, then lift up without moving it.  Your fabric should be stamped beautifully.

Mount your Stamped Velvet by wrapping it around a piece of Card StockFast Fuse Adhesive (129026) works well to hold it.  You can also cover it with an open “window” layer, then trim the Velvet to fit behind the window layer.  It’s easier to attach to your project.  Either Fast Fuse Adhesive or Tear & Tape Adhesive will keep the Velvet secure.

I will do a sample for you when I find my Velvet and post it here.  If I don’t find my Velvet, I will buy some more just for your enjoyment.

If you need an answer to any question about a Technique such as Stamping on Velvet, feel free to comment below or e-mail me at mary@3amstamper.comI’ll send you the answer and do a post about it.  If you need your answer right away, you may always contact my Help Desk at Just make your subject line the technique, such as Stamping on Velvet.

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