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A few weeks ago, I did an article on Metallic Thread.  I promised to see how many strands of the thin, shiny stuff could fit into the eye of a regular hand-sewing needle and let you know.  I don’t know what size needle I used (maybe 10), because I don’t have the original package any more.  Besides, can you imagine how long it’s been since I threaded a needle?

Anyway, I easily fit all 6 colors of Metallic Thread through the eye.  I also tried 8 strands and still had room.  I would stop at 10 for the size of needle I used.  I used a needle threader to put all the strands through at once.  This may not be the best idea because the threader could break if you’re not careful.  The best way to thread is one strand at a time and leave the free end long enough so you can hold onto it while you thread the others.  The rascally strands will try to escape or tangle up on you.

I tried out one of the Festive Stitching Thinlits™ Dies on a scrap of So Saffron Card Stock.  I wanted to give all six colors the best chance of being visible.  You can use a Running Stitch and leave spaces between the holes, but I like the way the Back Stitch fills out the shape better.  Use about a yard of thread for each strand so you can go all the way around the shape without having to re-thread.  You will have to straighten out the thread every so often (every stitch for me), but it comes out looking good and I think it’s more convenient.  This is against everything your Home Ec teacher ever told you, but… I didn’t want a bunch of knots on the back – the shape will be bumpy enough without them.

The star shape will fit inside one of the Stars Framelits™ Dies, if I’d centered the shape.  I will have to fussy cut the stitched star and adhere it to a larger die-cut star mat.  I always recommend hiding the evidence… I mean, covering up the back side of the stitching with a mat or layer, unless you’re going to adhere it directly to a card or page.  I’m going to layer this shape on a larger star in a contrasting color and put it on a card.  You’ll see it later.

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