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Posted by on December 6, 2016 in Product Tips and Tricks, Tool Time on Tuesday

I’ve got a tip for you to have the most success when stamping images on Foil Sheets or any other glazed or slick surface.  Stamp with a permanent ink like Jet Black StazOn.  Also make sure your pad is on the juicy side by inking up with the StazOn Ink Refill.

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The main advantage to using StazOn is that if you make a mistake (like slide your stamp so it’s smeared), you can quickly wipe it off and start over.  You can ink up your stamp and press the image straight down on the slick surface.  You may have to hold it in place for a few extra seconds, and the paper may stick to the stamp, but it looks great when you remove the paper.  Be sure to let the image dry thoroughly before you start working with it.

StazOn does stain photopolymer stamps, but just clean them up with Stampin’ Mist Stamp Cleaner and the Stampin’ Scrub and they’re good to go.  The stain doesn’t transfer.  Do not use the StazOn Cleaner on your photopolymer stamps as it will ruin them after a few uses.  The cleaner is solvent, so the photopolymer will start to dissolve.  The Ink is also solvent, but if you clean your stamps right away, it won’t hurt anything.

StazOn will stain rubber stamps if you don’t clean them with the StazOn Cleaner.  Again, the stain won’t transfer, but I clean the rubber stamps for looks.  I also like to see that the color of Ink I’m using fully coats the image.  StazOn Cleaner leaves a residue, so after I’ve cleaned stamps with it, I run them through the Stampin’ Scrub with Stampin’ Mist to remove the residue.

I have found that using alcohol inks to stamp on Foil or other slick surfaces requires direct application from the pad to the image.  Markers won’t work.  You also must be very careful that you don’t move the stamp.  The alcohol ink will stay on the surface, except for glazed tile, and you won’t be able to clean it off and start over like you can with Foil and other glazed paper.

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