What Do I Do About Warped Cutting Pads?

Posted by on April 9, 2016 in Product Tips and Tricks, Sizzix on Saturday

Big Shot Cutting Pads with Warp

When you use your Big Shot™ Die-Cutting Machine (113439), your Cutting Pads (Standard-113475; Extended-113478) are going to warp.  You can’t prevent it because the pressure on the Cutting Pad will cause warping after a while.  This is known as Physics.

The warped Cutting Pad can cause uneven die-cutting.  I stave off warping by flipping the Pad over every two or three uses.  I also use one pad for the cutting side and the other for the die base side.  You can see the marks on the top Cutting Pad in the photo.  The non-cutting side gets impressions, but they aren’t cuts and won’t mark your paper or card stock.  Every so often, I throw out the cut Pad and replace with the other one.  Then I open a new package and use a fresh Pad for the non-cutting side.  This extends the life of the Cutting Pads.

Some of my colleagues bake their Cutting Pads to remove the warp.  To do this, wrap each pad in foil, use a glass baking dish for support and put oven-proof weights on top.  Then bake at 325° F for thirty minutes.  Remove from oven and let cool COMPLETELY, leaving the weight on top, before you unwrap the Cutting Pads.  I don’t do this for two reasons:  1) taking up time and 2) possible toxic fumes.  If you use this method, be sure to unwrap the Cutting Pads in a WELL-VENTILATED area.  Open a window, even if it’s snowing – better safe than sorry.

My personal preference is to keep an extra set of Cutting Pads on hand and replace the warped Pad when necessary.  I’d be afraid of the Cutting Pads becoming brittle from baking.  It takes a pretty long time for the Cutting Pads to warp where they cause a problem, so I feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth and I save time and effort.

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