Why Use Cellophane Bags?

Posted by on April 12, 2016 in Product Tips and Tricks, Tool Time

Cellophane-BagsThe Cellophane Bags from Stampin’ Up!® come in a variety of sizes.  One bag is gusseted, which will hold bulkier items.  You can use them as protective covers for your card projects, including envelopes, or as treat bags.  They also are great for storing “spare parts”.

One of my favorite uses is to store and organize my extra die-cuts.  The bags are great for holding tiny pieces.  You can see what’s in there at a glance.  A permanent marker works to label each bag, just let the ink dry a few seconds.  Another use is to stash your project “parts” in one of the bags until you’re ready to work on it.

My latest use is to protect fragile memorabilia such as commemorative tickets or brochures.  I have several collector’s comic books in protective cellophane bags.  Those covers are comic book size and come from a comic book store.  The Cellophane Bags aren’t large enough, but will do the job on smaller items.

Disneyland Holiday Planner-1957-Visit http://www.3amstamper.com

I recently found a Disneyland vacation planner from 1957 that I’ve been storing in a plastic bag.  It’s magazine size and I really don’t want to hunt for protective cellophane bags in the store… and I don’t need them by the 100’s from online sources.  The plastic bag works fine, but I put the whole thing in a 12” x 12” Page Protector (135296).  The Page Protector will work as well as the Cellophane Bags, plus I can file it in a scrapbook along with other Disney Vacation pages.

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